An Overview of Government Banks in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh there are six state-owned commercial bank, three specialized govt banks; those are scheduled banks. There is also three govt owned non-schedule bank. Banks are mainly two types of scheduled banks and non-scheduled banks. Specialized banks are parts of the scheduled bank in BD.

List of all government banks of Bangladesh

There are 6 government commercial banks.

  • Sonali Bank Limited
  • Janata Bank Limited
  • Agrani Bank Limited
  • Rupali Bank Limited
  • BASIC Bank Limited
  • Bangladesh Development Bank Limited

The government of BD established Specialized Banks for specific objectives like industrial or agricultural development. They are under the scheduled bank.

There are 3 specialized banks in BD.

  • Bangladesh Krishi Bank
  • Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank
  • Probashi Kallyan Bank

Bangladeshi govt is operating those to perform specific functions or objectives. There are three non-scheduled govt banks. They offer different services from scheduled banks.

  • Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank
  • Karmashangosthan Bank
  • Palli Sanchay Bank

Here is a short description of those banks

Sonali Bank Limited:

After the independence of Bangladesh, in 1972, Sonali bank was established with the amalgamation of the National Bank of Pakistan, Premier Bank and Bank of Bhwalpur when its paid-up capital was TK 30 million.

It is the largest bank in Bangladesh. From then it is performing nation-building responsibilities and governments all types of socio-economic responsibilities.

On 15th November 2007, it turns 100% govt owned public limited company with all assets and liabilities of Sonali bank.

The authority gets autonomy after this transformation and banks become more competitive and effective. This institution has 11 members on the board of directors; the CEO and managing directors are the head of this bank.

Its headquarter is located at Motijheel, Dhaka. It performs the duty of Bangladesh bank where there is no branch of BB. Now its authorized capital is 600 crore taka.

It has 1225 branches and two foreign branches in the UK and three representative offices in Jeddah, Riyadh, KSA and Kuwait. It commenced Islamic banking service on 29th June 2010 and has an Islamic banking outlet on 58 branches.

Janata Bank Limited:

JBL is the second-largest govt owned commercial bank in BD. It emerged in 1972 with the amalgamation of United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited.

Later, it was restructured in November 2007. It has a huge contribution to the economy of Bangladesh. JBL has a total of 913 branches including 4 overseas branches in UAE.

Its total capital is TK 30,000 million and paid-up capital is TK 23,140 million. Its headquarter is located in Motijheel, Dhaka at 14 storey Janata Bank building. the present chairman of this institution is Dr.S M Mahfuzur Rahman.

Its subsidiaries institutions across the world are Janata Capital & Investment Limited (JCIL), Janata Exchange Co. SRL, Milan Branch, Italy, Janata Exchange Co. SRL, Rome Branch, Italy, Janata Exchange Company Inc. The USA.

Agrani Bank Limited:

ABL is a public limited company which was commenced banking on 26th march 1972 by merging Commerce Bank and Habib Bank. It became a public limited company on 15th November 2007 and emerged as Agrani Bank Limited with all assets and liabilities of Agrani bank.

ABL is headed by a chairman and the board of directors consists of 10 members. its banking network is spreading all over the country because it has 11 Circle offices, 53 zonal offices and 956 branches, 42 AD branches and 5 subsidiary companies.

Its headquarter is in dilkusha, Dhaka, Bangladesh. the present chairman of this institutions is Zaid Bakht.

ABL has 15 Islamic banking windows which started in 2010. It is the first government bank that started agent banking in rural areas and has 200 agent banking booths.

Rupali Bank Limited:

RBL emerged on 26th march 1972 by merging three Pakistani banks Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd., Australasia Bank Ltd. and Standard Bank Ltd. With their assets, liabilities, benefits, borrowings and investments.

Its initial total capital was TK 500 million with TK 10 million paid-up capital. Its board of directors consists of thirteen members.

It emerged as a public limited company on 14th December 1986, remained lions share for the government. Its govt share is 90.19% and private share is 9.81%. It has 573 branches and has ATM access to 45 banks.

Its headquarter is in dilkusha, Dhaka and chairman is Monjur Hossain.

BASIC Bank Limited:

Bangladesh Small Industries and Commerce Bank Limited is known as a BASIC bank. Its operation starts on 21st January 1989and its main vision was to invest on small scale industries.

At first, there was a 70% share of the BCC Foundation and a 30% share of the Bangladesh government. The government took the whole 100% share on 4th June 1992. It has 76 Branches in BD. At present, Its Authorized capital Tk. 55,000.00 million and Paid-up capital Tk. 10,846.98 million

Bangladesh Development Bank Limited:

Bangladesh development bank is a state-owned commercial bank in BD. By merging two banks, Bangladesh Shilpa Bank and Shilpa Rin Sangstha; the government made this bank on 16th November 2009. At present, They have 46 branches across the country.

BDBL is a public limited company and its headquarter is in BDBL Bhaban, 8 Rajuk Avenue, Dhaka 1000,Head Office, Dhaka. its present chairman is Mohammad Mejbauddin and the board of director consists of 10 members.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank:

BKB founded on 27th November 1973 to provide services on the agricultural sector and agro-based industry. The bank mainly provides loans to farmers. The bank performs all types of banking activities like loans, deposits and foreign currency exchange. It has 1038 branches all over the country. 

The present Chairman of this bank is Mohammad Ismail. its headquarter is in Krishi Bank Bhaban 83-85 Motijheel Commercial Area Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh.

this bank provides loans to Grain, Fisheries, Livestock, Livestock, Agricultural Machinery, Grain Warehousing and Marketing, Poverty Alleviation & Agro-based Industries.

Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank:

RAKUB is a state-owned specialized bank that starts its functioning on 15th March 1987. Its headquarters is located in Rajshahi and it is performing in 16 districts of Rajshahi and Rangpur. Its is providing loans to farmers in this area. It has 383 branches.

Its board of director consists of 11 members and chairman is the head. the present chairmen of this bank is Dr. Mohammad Shah Nawaz Ali.

Probashi Kallyan Bank

Probashi Kallyan Bank is a state-owned bank which is specialized in immigrant Bangladeshi workers.

It established in 2010. Its initial capital was TK 1 billion. 95 percent of its capital came from the Probashi Kallyan fund and the government gave the rest money. The honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated this bank on 20th April 2011.

It provides an immigration loan within three days.
Its present director is Mahtab Zabin. its headquarter is in Eskatan Garden Rd, Dhaka 1000.

Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank:

The bank established to provide services only to Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party.  It was established on 10th January 1996. It provides loans with 259 branches.

It mainly provides support to 62 lakh Ansar and VDP persons. Its slogan is to poverty alleviation, women empowerment, job creation, economic development.

Its chairman present is Major General Kazi Sharif Kaikobad. Its headquarter is located at 14 Outer Circular Rd, police line, Dhaka 1217.

Karmashangosthan Bank:

It was established in 1998 with a capital of TK 3 billion to provide support to unemployed persons to set up a small enterprise.  It has 251 branches.

At present, its total capital is TK 1000 crore.

Its headquarter is in Rajuk evenue Dhaka. Kaniz Fatema is the present chairman of this bank.

It provides loans to young people with low interest and easy condition. It also encourages its clients on saving.

Palli Sanchay Bank:

It was established in 2014 by merging the Ektee Bari Ektee Khamar project (One House, One Farm project). It has a 51% government share and a 49% share of Ektee Bari Ektee Khamar project members.

Its headquarter is on Eskatan Garden Road, Dhak and the present chairman is Dr. Mihir Kanti Majumdar.

This bank provides loans on a microcredit basis. It has 485 branches on 485 upazilla. Palli Sanchay Bank focuses on small savings.

This institution works with poor and disadvantaged people. It also works to increase their skill, reduce gender discrimination & overall socio-economic development.


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