Historical background of Bangladesh Economy

Historical background of Bangladesh Economy

Bangladesh has a great economic history. This area was very rich and developed. Some harpy foreign & native people seized this area and made us the middle class. From the erstwhile, the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh) was developed in education and natural resources. Nalanda University was one of the top educational institutes of that time. Many … Read more

Fiscal policy of Bangladesh in 2020-21

fiscal policy of bangladesh

The main vision and mission of fiscal policy are collecting revenue and controlling expenditures by continuing economic stability, investment-friendly situations, poverty alleviation, and skilled manpower. According to the budget management act-2009, this country is allowed to accept a deficit budget. The total revenue collected by the Bangladeshi government in 2019 was TK 350795 billion and … Read more

Foreign Employment and Remittances to Bangladesh

Bangladesh remittance

Foreign employment and remittance of Bangladesh Foreign employment and remittances have a lot of contributions in reducing unemployment, poverty reduction, foreign currency reserve, and overall countries’ economic development. Most of the migrant workers of this country work in Middle East countries. The government has established Probashi Kallyan Bank to encourage immigrants on investing to this … Read more

An overview of the total savings in Bangladesh

causes of low saving

Savings of Bangladesh In Bangladesh, the saving rate is very low because of low employment. The national saving bureau has taken different steps to increase the overall savings of Bangladesh. The gross domestic savings of Bangladesh is TK 7,077,060 million in 2019-20 which was TK 6,362,165 in 2018-19. The gross Gross National saving in 2019-20 … Read more