An overview of the total savings in Bangladesh

causes of low saving

Savings of Bangladesh In Bangladesh, the saving rate is very low because of low employment. The national saving bureau has taken different steps to increase the overall savings of Bangladesh. The gross domestic savings of Bangladesh is TK 7,077,060 million in 2019-20 which was TK 6,362,165 in 2018-19. The gross Gross National saving in 2019-20 … Read more

An Overview of Government Banks in Bangladesh

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In Bangladesh there are six state-owned commercial bank, three specialized govt banks; those are scheduled banks. There is also three govt owned non-schedule bank. Banks are mainly two types of scheduled banks and non-scheduled banks. Specialized banks are parts of the scheduled bank in BD. List of all government banks of Bangladesh There are 6 … Read more

An overview of Foreign Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

foreign banks of Bangladesh

Foreign commercial banks are those banks that are incorporated abroad, later they opened their branch in Bangladesh. There are 9 FCBs operating in Bangladesh. List of foreign commercial banks in Bangladesh Bank Al-Falah Ltd (Pakistan) Citibank N.A. (USA) Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC  Ltd(Sri Lanka) Habib Bank Ltd (Pakistan) HSBC (Hong Kong) National Bank of … Read more