List of GI Products of Bangladesh 2023: Exclusive Guide

List of GI Products of Bangladesh 2023

List of GI Products of Bangladesh As of 2023, Bangladesh has several  GI products status, including Jamdani, Hilsa, and Khirsapat Mango. The GI tag ensures these products are recognized for their unique regional origins.
Securing a Geographical Indication (GI) status for products is a significant achievement for any country. It not only protects the rights of local communities but also boosts the market value by authenticating the origin and unique qualities of these products. Bangladesh has successfully registered several items that range from traditional textiles like Jamdani, known globally for their rich heritage and intricate designs. To natural products like the iconic Hilsa fish, which is deeply woven into the culinary identity of the nation. List of GI Products of Bangladesh Khirsapat Mango, also known as Himsagar, from the Chapai Nawabganj district, further exemplifies the diverse agricultural wealth that has gained international recognition through the GI system. These identifiers help to preserve traditional knowledge and craftsmanship, while also opening global markets to these authentic goods, thus fostering pride and economic growth within the originating communities. The acknowledgment of GI products showcases Bangladesh’s dedication to preserving its cultural and agricultural legacy on the world stage. Now Let’s Explain “The list of GI products of Bangladesh 2023”

Bangladesh’s Rich Gi Product Spectrum

Bangladesh boasts a treasure trove of unique products. Its Geographical Indication (GI) list has splendid items. These goods tell tales of tradition, taste, and craft. They mark the land’s rich culture. Let’s dive into the world of Bangladesh’s GI products.

Defining Gi Products And Its Importance

A GI Product is like a passport for goods. This tag tells us where a product comes from. It also means the product is top-notch and made specially. GI is key to keeping a region’s heritage alive. It also helps farmers and artisans to make more money.

Historical Context Of Gi Products In Bangladesh

Historical Context Of Gi In Bangladesh Bangladesh has used marks of origin for centuries. These marks led to the GI system today. Rich history wraps around each GI product. Stories of skill passed through generations come alive in these goods. The GI tag secures the future of these living traditions.
GI Product Category Region
Khirsapat Mango Fruit Chapai Nawabganj
Hilsa Fish Seafood Chandpur
Jamdani Sari Textile Dhaka
Monipuri Tant Sari Textile Sylhet
  • Fazli Mango from Rajshahi
  • Pahari Pineapple from Khagrachari
  • Nakshi Kantha, the embroidered art

Navigating The Legal Framework

Navigating the Legal Framework surrounding Geographic Indication (GI) products is a crucial step for safeguarding Bangladesh’s rich heritage and traditional goods. Understanding the legalities helps producers protect their rights and consumers recognize authentic products. Let’s delve into this intricate landscape.

Gi Laws And Protection

Geographic Indication laws play a pivotal role in the economic prosperity of Bangladesh. These regulations safeguard the unique identity of local products by ensuring that only genuine goods carry the hallmark of their geographic origin. Securing GI status boosts domestic and global recognition, fostering pride and opening market opportunities for artisans and farmers.
  • Legislation: Bangladesh’s GI protection is enshrined in the Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 2013.
  • Registration: Producers must register their products to benefit from legal protection.
  • Enforcement: GI registration prevents unauthorized use and empowers legal action against infringements.

The Role Of The Department Of Patents, Designs And Trademarks

The Department of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (DPDT) is the cornerstone for promoting and enforcing GI laws in Bangladesh. As the regulatory body, DPDT manages the registration process and upholds the integrity of GI-tagged products.
Action Role of DPDT
Registration Assessing and approving GI applications
Monitoring Ensuring compliance with GI standards
Advocacy Raising awareness about GI significance and rights
GI protection is a testament to a nation’s culture and traditions. It’s an assurance that every time you purchase a product, you’re getting an authentic slice of Bangladesh. Embrace the legacy.

Celebrated Gi Products List Of 2023

The Celebrated GI Products of 2023 have woven a rich tapestry of Bangladesh’s cultural heritage. The Geographical Indication (GI) tag bestows a coveted status. It marks the uniqueness and origin of these products. Bangladesh boasts a plethora of items that enjoy GI recognition.

Textiles: Jamdani And Muslin

Bangladesh’s textile legacy shines in its exquisite Jamdani and Muslin fabrics. These are not just textiles but stories told through threads and loom. These GI-tagged textiles represent centuries-old traditions, merging with modern elegance.           Jamdani: A symbol of wealth and nobility, often called the “fabric of royalty”.        Muslin: Known for its ultra-fine texture, a product of Dhaka’s historical craftsmanship.

Agricultural Produce: Hilsha Fish And Khirsapat Mango

In 2023, Bangladesh will continue to celebrate its agricultural wonders. The silver Hilsha and the luscious Khirsapat mango remain at the heart of this celebration.
Product Description
Hilsha Fish The national fish, is famed for its rich taste and distinctive texture.
Khirsapat Mango Also known as the ‘Himsagar’, celebrated for its unparalleled sweetness and aroma.

Boosting The Economy Through Gi Products

Geographical Indications (GI) in Bangladesh propel the economy. Local specialties gain recognition. Global trade doors are opening. Let’s delve into the transformative power of GI.

Impact On Local Communities

Bangladesh’s GI products empower grassroots. They are fostering pride. Local skills) are treasured. Folks see real income changes. Community-driven efforts shine. The spotlight on tradition sparks innovation.
  • Artisans benefit from elevated status.
  • Jobs multiply, reducing poverty.
  • Traditional methods get a modern twist.

Gi Products In International Trade

Internationally, GI products command respect. Trade links strengthen. Market share grows. They tell a story. Buyers appreciate the origin. This authenticity brings premium prices.
GI Product International Impact
Khirsapat Mango Demand surges in markets abroad.
Hilsa Fish Renowned for a distinct taste.
Jamalpur Dewan Silk Luxury textiles are adored globally.
Export revenues increase. A stronger economy emerges. Bangladesh’s footprint in global trade expands.

Promotional Efforts And Challenges

Bangladesh takes immense pride in its rich heritage of traditional products. In our journey to introduce these treasures to the world, Geographical Indication (GI) tags have been a crucial tool.
 The GI tag not only preserves the uniqueness of these products but also boosts their market value. Promoting these gems, however, comes with its own set of challenges.

Preservation Of Traditional Skills

The heart of GI products lies in the hands of skilled artisans and age-old techniques. Safeguarding these skills ensures that the cultural legacy continues. The promotion of GI products is as much about marketing as it is about sustaining the traditional means of production. Training programs and workshops are vital in keeping these skills alive and relevant in the 21st century.

Addressing Counterfeiting And Infringement

The uniqueness of GI products also makes them targets for counterfeiting. As Bangladesh’s GI list grows, protecting the integrity of these products becomes increasingly complex. Implementing stringent checks and balances is essential to prevent the dilution of their heritage. Legal frameworks and monitoring systems work hand-in-hand to combat these issues.

The Future Of Gi Products

The Future of GI Products shines bright in Bangladesh, promising a legacy of culture-rich merchandise. These products tell stories of traditions and skills passed down through generations.

Emerging Gi Products On The Horizon

  1. Exquisite Muslin fabric from Dhaka, with its history woven into each thread
  2. Thriving Hilsa fish, which carries the taste of the mighty Padma River
  3. Flavorful Sylheti Pepper, known for its unique pungency and heat

Sustaining Quality And Authenticity

Safeguarding the quality and authenticity of GI products is crucial. Bangladesh commits to protecting these treasures with strict guidelines.
GI Product Quality Checkpoint Location of Origin
Natore’s Pabna Sweet Ingredient Sourcing Natore, Pabna
Chattogram’s Tasty Mezban Beef Cooking Method Verification Chattogram
Kushtia’s Kalai Roti Texture and Flavor Profile Kushtia

Frequently Asked Questions Of List Of Gi Products of Bangladesh 2023

What Is Gi Product In Bangladesh / List of GI Products of Bangladesh?

A GI product, or Geographical Indication, is a sign used on products with a specific geographical origin possessing qualities or a reputation stemming from that origin. In Bangladesh, GI products are protected to ensure authenticity and maintain standards.

How Many Gi Products In Bangladesh 2023?

As of 2023, Bangladesh has a growing list of officially recognized GI products. The exact number may vary as more products receive GI status. For the current count and list, please consult the latest publications from the Department of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (DPDT).

Which Bangladeshi Product First Received Gi Status?

The first Bangladeshi product to receive GI status was Jamdani Saree. This recognition was officially awarded to protect the heritage and authenticity of this exquisite handwoven fabric that is intrinsic to Bangladeshi culture.

Are Bangladeshi Gi Products Worth Buying?

Absolutely, Bangladeshi GI products are worth buying. They are of high quality, and authenticity, and are made with traditional methods that support local economies and preserve cultural heritage.


Exploring the GI-tagged treasures of Bangladesh offers a delightful cultural journey through the country’s unique heritage. Crafted with care, these items represent the pinnacle of local craftsmanship and authentic tradition. By choosing to purchase Geographical Indication products, consumers not only enjoy premium quality but also contribute to preserving the livelihoods of skilled artisans. To cherish a piece of Bangladesh’s rich history, consider these GI products as the perfect token of appreciation.

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