Economic activities of the people of Bangladesh

What are economic activities?

All activities related to earning and spending money is economic activities. Men earn money to satisfy their wants. The principal objective of economic activities is the consumption of goods and services.

Economic activities are two types: money earning and money spending. 

Your hobby like singing, dancing, reading is not economic activities. If you work for your own, washing cloth, cooking, cleaning bedrooms are not also economic activities. Those are not economic activity because your earning is zero with this activity.

Some unethical activity like stealing or begging is not an economic activity.

So, economic activity deals with money earning and spending in our daily life. For example, work in offices and factories, business, architect, carpenter, cobbler, courier, doctor, mason, butcher, broker, blacksmith, peddler are included in economic activities. 

Bangladeshi people’s economic activities

The economic activities of a country depending on its population, ethnicity, religion, literacy, geographic and economic condition.

Developing and poor countries engaged in primary occupations such as agriculture. On the other hand, developed countries engaged in industries and technical professions.

Bangladesh is an under industrialized developing country and its literacy rate is very low. As a result, most of the people of this country depend on agriculture, poultry, fishing and small industries.  

The economic activities if Bangladesh is described below:


Being agricultural, about 70 percent of people directly or indirectly depends on agriculture in Bangladesh. Their main occupation is agriculture or agriculture-related services. They earn money in exchange of crops. Even they earn foreign currency by exporting some cash crops.

Trade and commerce

A large number of urban and rural people are engaged in small and medium industries. All of the large industries are located in our capital Dhaka and port city Chattogram. RMG has the highest number of employees among all of the industries in Bangladesh.


Works in offices, farms, courts, banks, schools, colleges, NGOs, different government and non-government organizations are economic activity.  Many laborers, employees, freelance workers, teachers, officers work here to earn money.

Fish cultivation

Bangladeshi entrepreneurs cultivate fishes on ponds or in tanks as bio flock system. We are the 2nd top fish growing country among the world. We export fishes in different countries. Our fisherman also catches fish on rivers, seas, beels and canals. They sell those fish immediately or sell those after drying them.


In Bangladesh, there is land, water and air transportation available. Many people are maintaining their livelihood by running and managing that transportation system.


Livestock is one of the growing sectors in Bangladesh. Many peoples are earning money by cultivating poultry, cows, buffalos and sheep. Many young people are working in this sector as self-employment.

Small and cottage industries

Many people in urban and rural areas engaged in small and cottage industries. They work on different jute products, handicrafts and other such activities.

Besides those activities, many other professions are included in Bangladeshi people’s economic activities. For example, mason, carpenter, tailor, washerman, blacksmith, potter, cobbler, etc. earn money by their profession in rural and urban areas. As a developing country, there is different kinds of economic activities are seen in Bangladesh.


SECONDARY ECONOMICS-[For classes IX & X] -Written by Dd. Masum Ali Md. Nurul Alam—Textbook

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