An overview of inflation in Bangladesh

Taka of bangladesh

Every year, inflation increases the price of commodities in Bangladesh. The government of BD is trying to control this. The inflation rate is around 5.5% in 2020. Inflation is a situation when the actual value of money decreases. You have to pay more money to buy the same products in times of inflation. Generally, inflation … Read more

Importance of river in Bangladesh

importance of rivers

According to Banglapedia, there are 700 rivers flowing in Bangladesh and the total length of those rivers is about 24,140 kilometers. There are 58 transboundary rivers in this country. A lot of rivers are flowing in this little country, so, it is called the land of rivers. The longest and largest river in this country … Read more

Geographical features of Bangladesh

Map of Bangladesh

Geographical location of Bangladesh Bangladesh is a country of South Asia and its location is in the Indian subcontinent. The geographical location of Bangladesh is in 20034’ north latitude to 26038’ north latitude and 88001’ east longitude to 92041’ east longitude. Boundaries of Bangladesh Bangladesh has land borders with two countries; those are India and … Read more